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Future-proofing financial transactions

Unite Financial Services (UFS) provides secure, innovative payment services to the Unite Network. UFS is applying to the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority for an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence to provide additional services to our European partners.

Smart financial services for mutual benefit

We’ll offer simple, standardised e-money services to our B2B partners. This will support cooperation between buyers, sellers and others involved in B2B procurement. They’ll benefit from:

  • Electronic invoicing and payment
  • E-money Wallet
  • Unite Procurement Card
  • Lending and flexible payment schedules

One partner, from invoice to receipt

UFS electronic payment services are already available to our B2B e-procurement partners in Germany. They benefit from streamlined accounting and safe, simple transactions across the Unite Network. This enables business buyers to diversify their supply chain and sellers to build their customer networks.

Beating with Europe’s digital heart

We chose to set up Unite Financial Services EU AS in Estonia because the country is Europe’s digital knowledge hub. This innovative environment will enable us to benefit from a growing market of digital service providers and talented professionals.

In spring 2022, UFS applied for an EMI licence in Estonia. This will enable us to offer electronic payment services to European B2B partners across the Unite Network.

Meet the leadership team in Estonia: Executive Board for Unite Financial Services EU AS

Frank Weigelt

Frank is a senior attorney who oversees legal, compliance and risk.

Jaan Sildam

Jaan is an experienced financial services professional with responsibility for operations and business development.

Oliver Endert

Oliver is an expert in tax, audit, control and treasury who oversees finance, tax and accountancy.

Global services, European values, local expertise

Unite Financial Services offers electronic payment and settlement services to Unite Network users. It has established businesses in Germany and Switzerland. In March 2022 it launched an Estonian business to serve B2B buyers and sellers across Europe.

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