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    Procurement networks extended: Mercateo Unite is your gateway to diversity

    Mercateo Unite is a neutral B2B-networking platform. Suppliers, buyers and providers connect up their systems via this infrastructure and handle transactions digitally. Developed by Mercateo, Unite benefits from nearly two decades of know-how in digital networking and procurement. Using its API, a seamless purchasing experience is enabled without any media interruption. Users will be working in their accustomed ERP user interface, experiencing a trusted environment and a powerful purchasing tool. Mercateo Unite also offers a Single Creditor Model to its users in order to streamline accounting and to save on processing costs.

    Easy order process

    Within your own e-procurement user interface Mercateo Unite provides millions of additional items. No more punch-outs! The best thing of all: For all suppliers you only have one creditor: Unite Financial Services, since it acts as an agency in the name and of behalf of the ultimate seller.

    Adding value to procurement

    Using the punchout procedure, called Open Cataloge Interface (OCI), the buyer can access the supplier catalogue from the ERP. Here he selects the desired articles and creates a shopping basket. This is transferred to the ERP system as a purchase requisition and then runs through the internal approval process. After approval, the order is then sent from the ERP system to the vendor.

    An Application Programmable Interface (API) allows a seamless purchasing experience without any media interruption. By using APIs, the buyer remains in their own system, as the supplier’s catalogue can be seamlessly integrated into the ERP system and existing user interfaces. The articles are displayed in the search results and may be ordered as usual.

    Powerful features for your procurement

    Remain in your familiar environment

    Using a powerful API, Mercateo Unite seamlessly blends into the familiar user interface of your ERP system. Professional purchasing has never been more convenient.

    Easy onboarding for your procurement

    With its easy onboarding technology, Mercateo Unite enables the integration of your current relationships as well as access to a wide range of other suppliers and supports your company's digitalisation.

    Pre-integrated content

    Mercateo Unite offers a wide range of pre-integrated content immediately available to you after connection. Tap into new suppliers and providers for your company's daily business.

    Add your trusted partners

    Integration of existing partners has never been easier. Your personal relationships and conditions are still under your control and will be unaffected by the connection process.

    Single Creditor capability

    Mercateo Unite extends your procurement network while streamlining accounting. Just one creditor for all your needs reduces processing costs in accounting.

    Maintain existing solutions

    Combine Mercateo Unite with existing OCI-solutions. The B2B-networking platform simply blends into your system with no loss to any of your proven digital services.

    It's so easy to participate

    Mercateo Unite at home in 14 countries

    Mercateo Unite's API solution is already available in many European countries. More will be follow in 2019.

    Your E-procurement solution.
    Connected to the world!

    This is just a sample of E-procurement providers that have implemented Mercateo Unite. Watch for more partners soon.

    Extend your E-procurement system with a supplier network

    Mercateo Unite connects your ERP system to a rapidly growing supplier network, enabling an efficient and flexible procurement process. ERP systems that integrate with Mercateo Unite expand their business commerce capabilities.

    Further documents

    Terms of use for Mercateo Unite

    These are the general terms and conditions that every user (buyer and seller) has to accept when registering on Mercateo Unite.

    Mercateo Unite Terms of use

    Code of conduct Unite partners

    The code of conduct is to guarantee that all sellers on the Unite Platform adhere to strict ethical business standards.

    Code of conduct Unite Partners

    Privacy policy

    The privacy policy has to be accepted by all users of the Mercateo Unite Platform.

    Privacy Policy Unite

    Invoice template

    After receiving the invoice data, Unite Financial Services generates and sends an invoice in the name and on behalf of the supplier. Here you may see the invoice template that a you would receive.

    Invoice Template UK

    Muster Rechnung DE

    Frequently asked questions

    What are the general requirements for using Mercateo Unite?

    In order to use Mercateo Unite, two requirements must be fulfilled:
    1. Preintegration of Mercateo Unite into your ERP system
    2. Company registration on portal.unite.eu/en_GB/registration

    As an administrator, how do I register an account on Mercateo Unite?

    If you like to register an account on Mercateo Unite, all you need to do is enter your e-mail address on portal.unite.eu/en_GB/registration and choose a password. You then receive an e-mail to verify your e-mail address.

    As an administrator, where can I find available sellers on Mercateo Unite?

    You can select suitable sellers in our app store and connect with just a few clicks. This way the whole assortment of each seller will be available within your own ERP-System.

    How can I search for available products via the Mercateo Unite API?

    Product searches take place within a search toolbar provided by your respective ERP system provider interface. For further information, please get in contact with the support team of your system provider.

    You can read further questions here.

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